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HACCP Refresher for Food Processors

Highly targeted course, specifically designed for manufacturing sector, meeting training requirements of Coles and Woolworths. Note Buy the Bundle and get the CODEX 2020 updates for free!
This course meets the Australian retailers requirements for HACCP Refresher training and has been developed on the relevant national competencies

At the completion of this course you will: 
  • Understand the context of HACCP risk management principles.
  • Understand due diligence and legal requirements as they relate to HACCP methodology
  • Have an awareness of CODEX HACCP General Principles of Hygiene
  • Understand and apply Codex HACCP Preliminary Steps and Principles to develop HACCP plans
  • Understand and apply Prerequisite Programs to HACCP Food Safety Management Systems

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Course contents

Clare Winkel

Executive Manager Technical Solutions
MBA Distinction (Seafood Management), B.App.Sc (Biology), Diploma (Export Management)

[email protected]

Clare Winkel has worked in the food industry since 1987 in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North America, the Caribbean and the South Pacific. Clare is a panel member of electronic working group on the Codex Committee on Food Import and Export Inspection and Certification Systems (CCFICS) and a member of the Allergen Bureau Agricultural Allergen Cross Contact Working Group.

Clare is an registered trainer, a Lead Auditor for SQF & BRCGS, and is trained in numerous food safety management system including; HACCP, SQF, BRC Global Standard Food/ Storage and Distribution/Agents and Brokers/Packaging. In 2016 Clare developed a methodology to rank the risk of internal and external supply chain threats within a food supply chain and has used this method to assess threats across numerous supply chains including fresh produce, seafood and beverage sectors.

Clare has a particular interest in food safety and site security, food defense, food fraud vulnerability and traceability and has developed many training courses on the subject matter sharing her knowledge, methodology and expertise.

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Thank you for providing the online option for the HACCP refresher course.
Kylie Templeton