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Access information on INTACT ERP end-to-end audit management software and Data Analytics Solutions

Audit Platform & Analytics Solutions

Audit Management
Leading cloud and on-premise solution for all audit, assessment, certification, accreditation and standards management requirements
  • Industry Standard
  • Guaranteed Innovation
  • Unparalleled flexibility, modularity and scalability
  • Expert Knowledge
  • Full GDPR compliance
Best-in-class hosting

Efficient and flexible end-to-end workflow manager - simplify your workload and stay ahead of the curve!

Data and Business Analytics
The only toolset specifically designed for analysing audit data. 
  • Actionable insights for your business
  • Mitigate risks and react to critical situations
  • Gain efficiencies and save costs
  • Proven data models tailored to your needs
  • Works with any data and system

It combines classic Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence to bring clarity to complex data sets, identify anomalies and root causes, and vastly improve risk-based decision making and planning.

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Intact drives efficiency and profitability with cloud and on-premise Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions worldwide.

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Scott Walker
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Operating globally, Intact is the leading provider of cloud and on-premise SaaS solutions for inspections, audits, certification, accreditation, and standards. Speaking the technical language of its customers, Intact creates tools that break down the complexity of their work and help them gain new efficiencies where needed.

The Intact Platform is the most sophisticated end-to-end ERP solution for audit, certification, accreditation, and standards management. Featuring built-in best practices and unmatched flexibility, the Intact Platform enables businesses to optimize critical processes and, ultimately, sustain growth.

Intact is trusted by the world’s leading companies in the TIC sector, operating across all industries. Intact has offices and representation in Austria, the United States, Switzerland, Germany, the UK, and Australia.