Understanding Potential Food Safety Hazards in Packaging 

This 4 hour course will help you gain an understanding of potential food safety hazards that can because of packaging failures.
What you are going to learn
In this course you will learn different types of food packaging, their characteristics & likely sources of food safety hazards caused by packaging failures. We will review different types of food packaging and how to identify potential food safety hazards. This course will give you the necessary skills to review your food packaging options and make informed decisions. There will be practical activities & case studies during the course.
This course is delivered face-to-face in Brisbane or via Virtual Classroom at exactly the same time as the face-to-face training so all participants will actively take part in group discussions and exercises.
Virtual Training is delivered through the ICS Learning Management System on line or via Zoom. All virtual participants view the same material and are expected to actively participate throughout the duration of the course.