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Developing Food Safety Programs for the Australian Seaweed Food Processing Industry

This webinar is aimed at people who collect, harvest, grow & process seaweed for human consumption within Australia.
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SQF APAC seminar 

346 attendees registered for the English and Japanese sessions of the APAC Regional Seminar, surpassed by the Chinese session (on Wechat) which was attended by 408 food industry practitioners

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 BEST PRACTICES for your next Food Safety, Food Fraud & Supplier Assessments

Join us in this webinar as Clare Winkel, Technical Director of ICS demonstrates how to use a number of tools to open a world of food hazards to you and your team. With guest speaker Jasmine Lacis- Lee, President of the Allergen Bureau, as she discuss available resources including the Unexpected Allergen in Food Handbook & the Assessing Agriculture Cross Contact Guide.
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Risk Assessment Requirements for Food Audits

Clare Winkel has been invted to share her knowledge on Risk Assessments at the recently concluded 85th Annual Seafood Processors Virtual Workshop in Seattle, WA USA
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Innovation: Powering Future Industries

During National Science Week, #AIFST hosted three speakers to present their take on future food industries, celebrating food science supporting the future of food.

Hear from 
Clare WinkelSkye Blackburn and Yasmina Sultanbawa as they talk about future food industries.
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Practical Real World Food Control Measures

AIFST September 2020
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What does a Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment Look Like?

BRC Global Stds, Food Safety Americas 2019 in San Diego USA

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