Food Fraud Scorecard

Meet ICS's Food Fraud Scorecard: the game-changer for food manufacturers and suppliers. Our tool evaluates raw material procurement risks, delivering clear reports for confident decision-making. Say goodbye to uncertainty, hello to supply chain integrity.
Enjoy peace of mind without the strings attached!
Our Food Fraud Scorecard empowers you to detect food fraud at your own pace, with no ongoing commitments.

Plus, credits for the service never expire, giving you the freedom to safeguard your products without any pressure.
Food Fraud Score
— About THE TOOL

Pass your GFSI - Retailer - Fast food chain audits 

The Food Fraud Scorecard provides all the documentary evidence you need to pass your GFSI/ Retailer/ Fast food chain audits as well as identifying vulnerabilities in your raw material supply chain.
  • The auditors want to see the evidence!!
  • The retailers want to see what you are doing about it (to protect them from fraud)!!
  • There is no need to sign up for an expensive subscription. 
  • Just purchase the exact number of raw materials that you need. 
— Our Vision

Here's how our tool can benefit your business:

 In addition to providing, you with the raw materials risk assessments reports, you receive a procedure with the methodology explained, process flow chart & AI assisted weblinks to help you find the answers you need to answer the Food Fraud Scorecard questions.

Confidence in Compliance

 Our comprehensive platform provides unparalleled confidence in compliance and integrity, ensuring that you meet GFSI, retailer, and fast-food chain standards.

 Stay Ahead of Risks

Easily identify and gather all the information needed for informed risk assessments, staying ahead of potential food fraud risks in the complex global food supply chain.

 Quick and Accurate Ranking

With the Food Fraud Scorecard, you can confidently assess & rank your fraud risks, empowering you to act proactively before problems arise.

Continuous improvement and proactive risk management 

The Food Fraud Scorecard is not just a tool for today; it's a long-term solution for continuous improvement and proactive risk management within your organization. By tracking risk scores over time, you can strengthen your overall food integrity assurance efforts and protect your brand reputation.
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