Why ICS?

ICS is a global provider of comprehensive technical support, training and integrity solutions specialising in management systems, standards development, OHS, food safety, food fraud, threat management, risk assessments and auditing since 2013.
Our consulting and training solutions are effective, flexible, cost-efficient, recognised globally and tailored to ensure your business and staff are operating in a compliant manner within current regulatory and customer requirements.  Our technical and regulatory specialists have extensive global experience and are dedicated to assist you to reach your business goals and industry needs.
Because food safety, quality, legality and authenticity matter — ICS offers you the solutions to source and provide safe food globally with #integrity #trust and #transparency
Discover our cutting-edge technology solutions designed to improve your business operations:
HorizonScan: Unlock unparalleled transparency and traceability in your raw ingredient sourcing with our global management platform. Say goodbye to uncertainty and embrace confidence in your supply chain.
INTACT: Elevate your auditing processes with our state-of-the-art ERP solution. Seamlessly manage certifications, standards, and audits to ensure compliance while streamlining operations for maximum efficiency.
Regulatory Library: Gain instant access to a comprehensive global regulatory reference database. Stay ahead of the curve by effortlessly navigating regulations and assessing compliance status for your products and substances.
Food Fraud Database: Empower your GFSI-required vulnerability assessments with our meticulously curated database of food fraud records. Accessible and searchable, it's your indispensable tool for safeguarding product integrity and consumer trust.
Experience the future of technology-enabled solutions. Elevate your business with our suite of innovative offerings today.

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Clare, Kim, Jose, Rebecca and Lata are qualified trainers with extensive practical industry experience. 

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To offer top quality solutions, we believe it’s key to partner with industry professionals. 

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To offer top quality training,  and consulting , we believe it’s key to partner with industry professionals. 
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