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Food Safety Essentials -Food Safety for Food Handlers

Workplace Food Safety & Quality
What you are going to learn

Food Safety for Food Handlers

All workers that handle food must receive basic food safety training before starting work. We have designed some specific training for the entry level worker that is practical and easy to understand. Without food and water we cannot survive.  But our bodies do not respond well if the food is contaminated or dirty. Very often the food that makes us sick looks, smells and tastes normal.  This training explains what causes food-borne illness and how we can help prevent making people sick when we handle food.
Throughout this course help you understand:
  • Food Handling
  • Good Work Practices
  • Cleaning and Sanitising
  • Pest Control
  • Allergens

    Education isn’t one-size-fits all.  This course is available on the Food Safety Trainer APP and accessible anytime, anywhere on the phone and other devices for all employees.
    Options for small and large businesses are available.
    Talk to us on how to achieve the most productive and prepared team!

  • Certificate of Completion issued at the end of the course
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